Stay Ready Shooting Team

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Competition Shooting

We believe that shooting has a form of relaxation in the Veteran community. Brothers in arms, we created SRST to put our brothers back in the fight. Our goal is to bring Veterans together in a rather nostalgic atmosphere, shooting on the range!
Based out of North Carolina we are found in competitions around the country. As we grow, we want to bring more Vets to competitions, helping strengthen the community. 
Follow us for local events and join the team!

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Tier 1 Marksmanship Training

Established in 2019 by Marine Corps Veteran Damian Knight with a simple goal;
"Make America a safer more informed place".

Offering everything from concealed carry to long range shooting packages and everything in between.
Portion of every class are donated to non-profits or Veteran organizations.
We plan to help develop stay ready shooting team and make it a national and international contender in all arenas.

Damian Knight Lead Instructor and Owner
“Knowledge is Power” 
Jacksonville, Florida